The New Me
A divider for this NFT drop

At EXPO Chicago, Daata will premiere its latest commission by Rosie Gibbens: The New Me. Through film, AR, NFTs and soft sculptures, Gibbens parodies an absurd, dystopian and retro-futurist vision of consumerism, in which a fictional corporation markets pointless products to bored consumers. Gibbens playfully challenges the insatiable capitalist desire for self-improvement and its demands of women, whose bodies are its vehicle.


Relaxation and wellness exercise machine

Feel as happy as a cat while maintaining fitness levels with this one-of-a-kind exercise machine. Pedal to activate the unique stroking mechanism, then sit back and relax!

Ultimate clean brushing machine

Looking for ways to increase intimacy with your friend or partner? This wonderful product makes teeth brushing and makeup application double the fun!

Super stylish and efficient cleaning outfit

Save time and money with this super stylish and affordable cleaning attire. Its unique all-over body design ensures those hard-to-reach surfaces can’t be missed!

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